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Lunch Times

4th Grade Group One  11:00 AM - 11:35 AM

4th Grade Group Two 11:12 AM - 11:50 AM

5th Grade Group One 11:26 AM - 12:05 PM

5th Grade Group Two 11:45 AM - 12:20 PM


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Positive Attitude

Student Drop-Off and Pick-ups is on Hartman Place

If you drop-off or pick-up your child from our school, please, for the safety of the staff and students, use Hartman Place which is located near the fifth grade playground.  I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause you.    THANKS for your support!




Box Tops

Let’s keep turning the Box Tops in to your teacher!!!! This will directly benefit Park Avenue!

Farmers Insurance Appreciation Teacher of the Month; Mrs. Levens'

Farmers Insurance Appreciation Teacher of the Month; Mrs. Levens'

Park Avenue School Hours for 2014-2015 School Year


 Monday 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Tuesday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Park Avenue Front Office

Principal: Ms. Fernandez

Secretary: Mrs. Albers

Secretary: Mrs. Lowe

Character Counts Word of the Month


Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule+ Be tolerant and accepting of others+ Use good manners, not bad language+ Be considerate of the feelings of others+ Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone+ Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements



We would like to Thank the following business' for donating to our Character Counts/Tiger Buck Program:

  • San Juan County Fire Operations
  • Vanilla Moose
  • Wendy's
  • Sonic
  • Finish Line Graphics
  • Pizza Hut
  • Golden Corral

From the Principal's Desk

Hello Families! 

We are striving to ensure student academic achievement is at the forefront at all times. In order to be successful, Park Avenue has targeted three priorities for this semester. The priorities are adapt and utilize data protocols to ensure your child’s areas of improvement or enrichment are being met in core subjects, ensure students understand the process in answering open ended questions in reading and math, and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student. These priorities are wrapped in what is called a 90 Day plan. If you have questions please see our webpage or ask your child’s teacher.



Park Avenue has new staff members:

Mrs. Laws– Lead Teacher

4th Grade- Ms. Sweet, Mrs. Perry, Ms. Kendal, Mrs. Magee

5th Grade- Mr. Territ

Enrichment– Mrs. Dobey

Resource- Mr. Boroughs, Mrs. Lee, Miss Dey

Social Work–  Mr. Campos

Nurse– Mrs. Palmer


Intervention Time

Tiger Time, which is our intervention time, will be starting soon. This is where teachers will instruct smaller groups of students in order to meet any academic needs.  The teachers are excited to start, but we also need your help.  In order to make this successful, we need parents to keep students in school all day. Tiger Time for both grades is Tuesday—Friday at various times depending on your child’s team.  One suggestion for keeping students in school is to schedule appointments on Monday afternoons since that is our Early Release day.  Please contact your child’s teacher or Principal Fernandez with any questions surrounding our intervention time.




Parents often want to know how they can help support their child’s education.  At Park Avenue we know that getting our students to read is the best gift we can ever give.  The following tips will help you support your child’s reading at home.

Get your child excited!  Reading is FUN!  Help your student choose something that is interesting and challenging.

Read with your child or at least read the same thing as your child.  Some parents think that in fourth and fifth grade your student is too old to enjoy reading with you.  Most kids still look forward to this special time with their parent.  However, if your son or daughter doesn’t want to read with you, then you can still read the same materials.  This way you can TALK about what you read.

Talk about what your child is reading.  Reading is meaning!  To enhance comprehension you can ask questions, talk about what will be read, what is being read, and what was read.  Ask your student about the main idea, their favorite characters, and to make predictions about what might happen next.  If you read the same text, these conversations will be natural, just like talking about a movie you watched together.

Read the book before seeing the movie.  Many students are highly motivated to watch a movie that was a book first.  Take time to read the book together before going to the movie.  Then talk about how the book and movie were both similar and different.

Encourage your child to WRITE.  Reading and writing are definitely connected.  Kids who write well typically read well and vice versa.  Encourage that connection and listen to your child’s stories.

Thanks for being the most  important part of your child’s education. 




Tumble Books @ Park

TumbleBookCloud Junior is an online collection of ebooks and read-along chapter books, non-fiction books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books! This database is a great option for adventurous young readers who wish to read beyond the picture book collection in the TumbleBookLibrary. It is designed specifically for kids in grades 3rd to 6th.

The reading experience on the TumbleBookCloud Junior is not only educationally sound but fun and customizable! TumbleBooks' is a one-of-a-kind Read-Along format that combines the flexibility of an ebook with full-length professional narration and sentence-by-sentence highlighting so kids can follow along. Moreover, readers have the freedom to adjust the text size, line width and spacing, font style and color, and the background color on all of our ebooks. This level of customization adds an invaluable level of accessibility to our books. Plus, all of our books allow readers to highlight portions of a book and add notes, which makes for a great way to interact with the text!

With over 500 titles, reading chapter books has never been easier. TumbleBookCloud Junior is simple to use! It can be used on any computer or mobile device thanks to Cloud Computing. Every account comes with its own direct link to simplify logging in, as well as a desktop icon. In addition, users can now set up their own secondary login with the MyCloud feature so they can save and retrieve their favorites anytime, anywhere.

Click here: http://www.tbcjr.com/autologin.aspx?u=parkavenm&p=login  There is no username or password necessary.

In order for kids to be able to go back to the book they were reading they have to create their own “MyCloud” account. In order to do this they have to have an e-mail and password or if you as their parent allow them to use yours.

Tiger Time Video

Take a look at Park Avenue

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Lunch Menu


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Dates to Remember

9/23/14:  Picture Day,  Progress Reports sent home

9/19/14: No School

9/30/14: United Blood Drive 2:00-6:00pm in the cafeteria


From the Health Office...

As the weather warms, please take into consideration a few things as children go outside to play.


* Safety, safety, safety. Make sure your little ones are wearing the proper safety equipment for the activity. It is now a law in the state of NM that any child under the age of 18 must have a helmet on while riding a bike, skateboard, roller skates, etc.

* Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Not only are sunburns painful, they may lead to skin problems down the road.

 * Hydration, hydration, hydration. Little (as well as big) bodies need water to survive. Due to our desert like summers with low humidity, we lose a great deal of water through breathing and evaporation (not sweating) through our skin in addition to any visible sweating.


Reminder… If your child needs to take ANY medication (other than those listed on the health form completed at the time of registration), the health office requires a medication authorization form to be completed. For your convenience, there are two ways to obtain the medication authorization form. The first is to stop by the health office and pick up a copy. The second is to go to the Park Ave. website, http://www.prideatpark.com, go to either “News from the Health Office” or to my webpage listed under the “Staff” tab. I have uploaded the form to both locations. A new form is needed for each school year.


ALL medications must be picked up from the health office on or before the last day of school. Any medications left at the school will be destroyed.


If your child is delinquent on immunizations, those MUST be current at registration for the next school year or your child will not be allowed to register.


As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.


Thank you from the Health Office

Holiday Observance and Waiver/Consent to Disclose Student Information

Please let the school know if you do not  want your child to participate in the following:

Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day

If you do not  grant permission to the following:

Public Display of student’s name or photo within the school for any Awards or display student’s name or photo outside the school (Newspaper, Yearbook) for Awards or special recognition.



School Hours:

Monday 8am-1:30pm

Tues.-Fri. 8am-3pm

******Attendance is critical to ensuring your child understands the concepts necessary to be successful in school. Please call the office at 334-9469 if your child will be absent.


*****Please review the Student Handbook online at our website (prideatpark.com) If you need a hardcopy please come by the office and we will provide this to you.


School success depends on excellent attendance

For your child to get the most out of school, they need to be there-- and on time! Research shows that missing 10 percent or more of school days hurts success. To prevent absenteeism:

  • Stick to a schedule. Maintain routines.
  • Schedule carefully. Make appointments during non-school hours.
  • Seek help when needed. If you family struggles with transportation, childcare or other issues, talk with school staff.

21st Century Community Learning Centers Afterschool Program Enrollment

Attention Parents!

Are you looking for a positive place for your child to be after school hours?  For a safe and inviting environment, with fun activities and a great learning experience?  Healthy Snack's provided and IT'S FREE!!!!

A place for:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Enriching Learning Experiences

21st Century Community learning Centers is now accepting registration forms for the 2014-2015 school year!

Registration Forms can be picked up at any of the School's Office's or contact - Kris Morton 21st CCLC Program Manger, San Juan County Partnership, 3535 E. 30th St., Ste. 239, Farmington, NM 87402.  moortonk@sjcpartnership.org      (505)566-5867 or Fax (505) 566-5870

Registration is open until filled. Forms can be returned to the school site that your child/children will be attending.

Starts September 29th!!!


  • McCoy Elementary School, Aztec
  • Lydia Rippey Elementary, Aztec
  • Park Avenue Elementary, Aztec


  • Blanco Elementary School, Blanco

Hours of Operation

Monday- 1:30-6:00 pm *Early Release Day

Tuesday-Thursday- 3:00-6:00 pm

Blanco only is: (M-Th  2:45-5:45 pm