Hello Tiger Community, our calendar for the 2022-2023 School Year can be found here: https://5il.co/1as2h
7 days ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of the AMSD 2022-2023 School Calendar detailing the start and end date for the school year and school holidays.  Please follow the link i n the post for a PDF copy.
Aztec Businesses! Do you need some help this summer and would like to mentor local students in your industry? San Juan County is again hosting the “Summer Enrichment Internship Program” this summer and will place students in paid internships throughout the county. If you are interested, please email Tara Martinez at tamartinez@sjcounty.net with your business name, contact information, how many interns you would like to place at your business, a brief description of the industry, and a brief summary of the learning opportunities and work experience the students will gain. Thank you all for always supporting our Aztec youth!
20 days ago, Milo McMinn
Summer Internship Flyer
Great News! Our Partners with Curative will be available starting tomorrow April 27, 2022 to provide COVID testing at PAES for students or staff participating in Test-to-stay or weekly testing. Parents, to sign your student up simply scan the QR code in the link below and complete the sign up. English: https://5il.co/19fjq Spanish: https://5il.co/19fjy
29 days ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of a student with a mask and an AMSD shirt holding COVID Testing supplies
Donations for Teacher Appreciation Week - see the image for more details
about 1 month ago, Neily Snook
Staff appreciation 2022
Hello Tiger Community, Due to current weather conditions the AMSD will shift to a remote learning day today March 10, 2022. Thank you, Aztec Schools
3 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of a computer and text that it is a remote learning day.
Spring School Pictures are ready for viewing and purchasing. Visit: https://photo-synthesis.photoreflect.com/ -Click on Park Spring 2022 -Enter Student ID If you need your child's Student ID number, please call Park Ave Elementary School Office (505-334-9469)
3 months ago, Neily Snook
Join us on Tuesday, 2-22-22 for Twin Day!
3 months ago, Neily Snook
Twin Day 2-22-22
There will be no curbside meals today due to inclement weather.
4 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
Update: While the snow has subsided, the roads in many areas of the AMSD have substantial ice making travel unsafe for students and staff who may need to travel to complete remote learning. As a result, AMSD will be cancelling all virtual classes today, Wednesday, February 2, 2022. Please Enjoy the snow!
4 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
Picture of snow covered road and announcement that school is closed
Due to unsafe travel conditions AMSD will shift to remote learning today, Wednesday, Feb. 2
4 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of a computer saying that AMSD classes will be remote
On 1/24/2022 we will kick-off this year's Kids Heart Challenge Road Trip! Students will learn how and why they need to take care of their hearts and have the opportunity to help others by raising awareness and funds for the American Heart Association. Click on the link for a Sneak Peek of the program! https://youtu.be/NTb0YzyEkAc
4 months ago, Neily Snook
Kids hearts
Tiger Community, Today, we were notified that there was a potential threat at the Aztec museum. We went to a preventative shelter -in-place at Aztec High School and Park Avenue Elementary School. We were notified at approximately 2:05 that the threat was abated and the shelter-in-place was lifted. Police have continued to stay in close proximity to the school and doing a close patrol as a precaution. Thank you, Aztec Schools
4 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
Picture of an Exclamation Mark
Earlier today the NMPED released and updated COVID-19 Toolkit for schools to follow. One of the most significant changes in the new toolkit is a change in quarantine time for students. Please see the attached Information and Q and A document here: https://5il.co/148b5
4 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of the AMSD logo and notes that the article is a procedure and Q and A doc.
Good morning tiger community. All schools in the AMSD are closed today 12/15/2021 due to weather. Please enjoy the snow!
5 months ago, Jonathan Acrey
a picture of a snowflake
​Check out this flyer for our Holiday Spirit Week activities - December 13th through 17th
6 months ago, Neily Snook
Great news! The Official AMSD Store is now open! Want to get some great tiger gear AND support your school district? Just follow this link: https://www.aztecschools.com/page/district-store#!/
8 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of shirts with the AMSD Logo on them
Earn Tiger Bucks for good behavior at Park Avenue. Spend Tiger Bucks on Wednesdays during lunch recess. See the attached poster for more details.
8 months ago, Neily Snook
Tiger Bucks
Please see the message below from the NM Public Education Department and NM Department of Health: The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) and the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) are aware that certain individuals are not letting schools know when they test positive for COVID-19, and that individuals are coming to school after testing positive. This includes staff and parents visiting the school or sending their students to school after testing positive. Please be aware that individuals refusing to self-isolate, or refusing to self-isolate their children, following a positive COVID-19 test put the health and safety of others at serious risk. Any such action will be referred to NMDOH and the New Mexico Attorney General for investigation and possible civil and criminal enforcement. Individuals who violate the Public Health Orders or Public Health Act may be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 per violation and up to six (6) months in jail. Please help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff by reporting a refusal to following self-isolation public health orders, by contacting NMDOH at 1-833-551-0518 or by submitting your concern here: https://nmgov.force.com/pedincidentreport/s/
8 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
Please see the attached message from Chartwells, our food service partners.
8 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
Letter describing food and labor shortages and how chartwells is working to ensure timely feeding for all students.
Children are going to hospitals at an increased rate due to rising COVID-19 transmission from the Delta variant, especially in communities with low vaccination rates. Below is a flyer from the NM DOH containing useful information for parents on steps to keep their student safe. Additionally, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has information that can be found here on steps you can take to keep your child safe: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/parent-faqs.html
8 months ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture from NMDOH covering symptomology and best practices for parents to follow to protect children from COVID 19